PUBG mobile turned off in China, Game of peace takes place

Chinese tech company Tencent has discontinued its Popular player’s Unknown Battlegrounds ( PUBG ) mobile game in China.

The reason behind shutting down is that the game does not allow government license to monitise it. Now the company has replaced PUBG with Anti-Terrorist games, named “Helping Jinging”or “Game of peace”.

According to the reports, PUBG mobile has 70 Million user base in China and it should have permission to monetize the game. By monetizing these the company could have benefited about $ 1.5 through in-app purchases but it did not happen.

When users logged in in PUBG mobile on Tuesday, they received a notification, which stats that the work on the server continues and the need to update the game.

After this, the message turned into an announcement, which contains information about the “beta” for “Game for peace”.

This game was hidden from Tencent until it was approved by China-based State Administration of press and Publication. It has also been replaced by the report due to violent nature of PUBG.

PUBG mobile has a worldwide base of 227 million. many parents have reported this game in India too.

People play on this phone for hours to play this game, which is causing anger to children in the nature of children.

Such complaints have been made by many parents in India. This game was banned in many states of India including Gujarat.

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