How to play WiFi hotspot | How to make a WiFi hotspot in a phone

By using the mobile’s hotspot feature, we can share cellular data from one phone to another. Using a hotspot, a WiFi network is created that connects easily to another phone and uses cellular data. You can connect to this WiFi network and use the data in a computer, laptop or any other phone.

How To Build WiFi Hotspots On Android Phone :

 1.    First you have to go to your mobile settings. 

2.    Then click Network & Internet> Hotspot.

 3.    Now click on the set up Wifi Hotspot option.

4.    Now you have to type the network name that you want to keep and the password you want to keep.

5.    Click on Save Now.

6.    Now your mobile has become a WiFi hotspot.

How to connect another Android phone to a WiFi hotspot

1.To connect with the hotspot through WiFi in the second Android, you first have to turn on the mobile that has a hotspot. Most go to the settings of that mobile >> turn on its portable WiFi hotspot

2.    Now let’s start the other phone in which you want to connect to the WiFi hotspot.

3. Here you will see the name of that WiFi hotspot, which is made on your other mobile. Click on it

4.Now you have to type the password. The passwords given here were given when making the first hotspot.

5. Connect

6. Now your phone’s WiFi will connect to another phone’s WiFi hotspot and you can easily access the internet.

7. After reading the above information, you will easily be able to make hotspots on a phone and connect it to WiFi on another phone. Now let us know how to connect a computer to a hotspot.

How to connect a computer laptop to a WiFi hotspot

1.    To connect the laptop to the WiFi hotspot, click on the network icon given in the taskbar.

2. Now you will see a list of WiFi, but you will see the name of that WiFi hotspot which is made on your phone. Click on it

3. Now you have to type your hotspot password here and click the connect button.

4. Now your laptop will connect to the WiFi hotspot and you can use the internet.

5.  So how do I create WiFi hotspots in my teachings from this article, how to connect to the other phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot, and how to connect a laptop to a WiFi hotspot. If you have any suggestions or comments related to this information, please be sure to comment.

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