Events in CES 2019: The Largest Technology Fair

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the biggest event in the world of electronics, technology, starting on January 8th. This year’s CES program is full of Las Vegas, and as usual, all major companies are showing strong competition to present their products.

This year, Air-based equipment, 8K TVs, voice assistants, new laptops, cars, smart devices are going to be on the rise. This program shows many companies and their progress this year and the future Some special products presented in this show and some of your favourite brands (Sony, LG, Samsung, Nvidia, Lenovo, HP, Dell, Asus, AMD, etc.) this year Let’s see what products have come up.

LG :

  1. Bundled TV: Yes TV shown in last year’s CES is available this year.TV shows that will automatically be rolled down in the box below.
  2. SL8, SL9 and SL10 Soundbar: Both Dolby ATMOS and DTS support, Google Assistant included
  3. Other equipment such as OLED TVs, speakers, beer making machines, ultra-monitor monitors have also been introduced. The prices will be told later.

Nvidia :

  1. Nvidia has introduced the new RTX 2060 in their medium-priced graphics cards! More than 60% faster GTX 1060 and better gaming than 1070 Ti
  2. Now announced that GSync support driver will be offering freeSync support monitors as well. GSync facility could not be used for AMD’s FreeCink as competition for many days if Nvidia Graphics Card was on a display and display was based on FreeMind. Now Nvidia has withdrawn.


  1. The 8K resolution has a different Android TV than the 9 5 inches.
  2. Sony PS-LX310BT: Bluetooth support record player.
  3. Sony GTK-P10 Speakers.
  4. Expected Sony A6300 camera is still not announced!


DJI has introduced a new Smart Control for their drones, and this will be the best tool for controlling the controller drones with a built-in display. It has an Android operating system which can be easily shared, edited, and installing Android apps. About This Video.

Corsair: A new Latess RGB Harpoon Gaming Mouse.

HTC: Two new VR headsets: Vive Cosmos and Vive Pro Eye.

Asus: The Disease Madership Gaming Laptop, The Zenbook 13 with the Lowest Beels

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